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How quickly will I get my photos?

I really care about the photographs we create for you, which is why I dedicate so much time (at least 30 hours) in post-production on your images. Each photo is hand edited by myself to create a beautiful, fine art gallery for you and your loved ones.  You will receive your photos within 6-12 weeks of your event. I know the wait can be difficult, so after the big day I'll send you a few photos to share with friends. I promise it will be worth the wait! 

Who’s your second photographer?

My second shooters are highly trained professional photographers with an aesthetic similar to mine. They are hand selected for their attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to catch candid moments. 

What exactly is retouching and how much of it do you do?

I always enhance my photos to look bright and beautiful. When editing portraits I often do a bit of light retouching like removing blemishes or dark circles under the eyes. Further retouching requests might result in an additional fee. 


My style is a mixture of editorial, romantic portraiture and documentary photography. What does that mean exactly? During each wedding I always have a private portrait session with my bride and groom. In this time, I work my magic to make beautiful, eye catching compositions. The rest of the day I shoot in a more documentary style, focusing on the magic of fleeting in-between moments. You will walk away with epic, artistic portraits and the spontaneous laughs and unplanned moments that make the day. 


Nope! I have the typical shot list memorized due to years of experience.  My creativity and attention to detail help keep things fresh and unique. If there are any shots you're dying to have just let me know! 

do you charge extra for destination weddings?

I do charge extra for locations outside of Los Angeles, but I always try to keep the additional travel costs as modest as possible.  


A first look is simply a choice to see each other before the ceremony, and have the flexibility and freedom to take all of your wedding party and/or family photos ahead of time. These photos can provide a sweet, intimate moment just for the two of you before a day filled with guests. We capture the grooms (often tear-filled) reaction to seeing his bride for the first time. We highly encourage a first look if your ceremony and reception are taking place at the same venue. Shooting before the ceremony allows you to check one more thing off the day’s to-do list early on and, more importantly, to afford you and the wedding party a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour and mingle with your guests. Shooting after the ceremony, depending on the time, could allow you to take advantage of the setting sun and its softer light. Often I'll still pull a couple away for a few portraits during this lovely lighting even if we do first looks. Ultimately the choice is yours and we can schedule the photos whenever you desire. 

What's the best time of day for portraits?

We need to pick our timing and locations carefully to ensure we have the best possible lighting conditions. I’ve written a full explanation of ideal lighting which can be found HERE. I'm happy to go over everything together. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

Do you shoot film?

Yes. My love affair with film began over a decade ago. I believe it has a timeless beauty unlike anything else. I’m happy to include film in your package for daylight hours for a modest additional film and processing fee. Make sure to bring this up when we discuss plans for your big day. 

Can we book you just for engagement packages?

Are you in Love? Do you like to make out? Do you like to have fun? If you answered YES to any of these questions than an engagement session is right for you. In fact, an engagement session is one of the biggest recommendations you should consider. Besides getting great images of the two of you, it’s an ideal time to learn about the photoshoot process, become comfortable in front of the camera, and know what to expect for your wedding day. Having an engagement session yields superior wedding day images! A la cart packages are $700 and last 1.5 – 2 hours. 

Can you hold a date for us?

In order to hold a date we need a signed contract and a deposit. A 50% deposit is required to hold the date and the balance is due 14 days prior to your wedding date. Wedding dates are reserved on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Should we run overtime, will you stay?

Of course! Overtime is charged at $300/hr.  We will only stay with your permission.

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